Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2010

To encourage international students and individuals to undertake Mandarin Chinese language study in Taiwan, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China (Taiwan) established the Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (HES) Program in 2005.

While providing language study opportunities for Mandarin Chinese and Taiwan’s culture at university or college-affiliated Mandarin training centres, this program also aims to:

  • Help scholarship recipients acquire a better command of Mandarin Chinese, and hence a greater understanding and appreciation of Taiwan’s culture;
  • Promote friendship between people in Taiwan and in countries around the world; and
  • Generate opportunities to increase exchange with international education institutions.

Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2010 is provided by Ministry of Education of Taiwan and will allow 1 Malaysian to have study opportunities for Mandarin and Taiwan’s culture at university or college-affiliated Mandarin training centres starting from September 2010. A monthly stipend of NT$25,000 is to be offered to a recipient. An applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Be of 18 years of age or older, a high school graduate or above, have an excellent academic performance in his/her most recent formal educational study experience and be of good moral character.
  2. Is not an ROC (Taiwan) national.
  3. Does not have the status of being an overseas compatriot student.
  4. Has never been a student at a Mandarin training centre, nor a degree-seeking student at any university or college in Taiwan.
  5. Is not an exchange student in accordance with an agreement of cooperation between an international university/college and an educational institute in Taiwan, at the time of receiving a HES.
  6. Has never received an award either under this scholarship program nor the Taiwan Scholarship Program.Is not a recipient of any other scholarship or subsidy offered by the Taiwan government or any other educational institutions in Taiwan.

Applicants must submit the application form and related documents Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia; TECO, Level 7, Menara Yayasan Tun Razak, No. 200 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KUALA LUMPUR.

Closing Date : 31 March 2010

Please refer Introduction to Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2010 websites for more information.

In addition please refer Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2010 Application Form and Terms of Agreement for Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2010.

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